Why are Eco Villages the best choice for a holiday with children? – Eco Villages

Why are Eco Villages the best choice for a holiday with children?

Why are Eco Villages the best choice for a holiday with children? Natural

Why are Eco Villages the best choice for a holiday with children?


Today, children are very far from almost any contact with nature, and as a result, they lead chaotic and fast-paced life in the cities together with their parents and siblings.
Parents struggle to balance between their daily commitments, school, homework, training, and their children’s extracurricular activities.

In that constant race with time, in the desire to achieve and finish everything, families often forget the most important thing – quality conversation and time together with their loved ones. The author of the book The Last Child in the Woods in 2005, Richard Louv, who was on the New York Times best-seller list for that year, talks about the Nature Deficit Disorder Children.

This term is a metaphor that describes the consequences of insufficient contact with nature.
The book relies on the idea that today’s children, spending less and less time in nature, feel the consequences manifested through the number of problems in the child’s behavior and emotional development. This idea is also supported by the parental fear that children may be injured or that something unforeseen may happen to them.

The ideal vacation for the whole family, where children can spend their time closely connected with nature, parents enjoy activities that are safe and fun for all generations are holidays in one of the households Ecovillages Serbia.


Children learn best through their direct experiences

Staying in our Ecovillages Serbia is the chance for your child to learn how to learn through active learning. There are many opportunities to master new knowledge and activities in the countryside. From recognizing and picking different types of plants, recognizing trees and animals, to activities such as hand kneading bread or jam, children will, with the adequate systematization of the process of acquiring knowledge and results, feel stronger, more efficient, and satisfied.

This way of learning will give them greater self-confidence in mastering school materials, because many of the mentioned concepts from natural sciences will already be widely known to them, and they will have a better understanding of the material as a whole and independently connected subjects.

Do you think that this kind of vacation would be boring for your children? You’re wrong!

For children who grew up in the city, the experience of living in the countryside is a special adventure!

For them, everything they will encounter is completely new, and unlike most activities related to nature that is practiced in the city, followed by the example of Look, not touch, they will be able to be an active participant in everything they see. Kids love to try things that are new and that they have never had a chance to see.
Why not give them the opportunity to enjoy new and quality content every day that will help them get to know the world and a different way of life from the one they are used to?


Developing environmental awareness

Children who have the opportunity to stay in nature and in the countryside have a better developed environmental awareness and a sense of environmental responsibility towards the world in which they live.

They better notice the consequences of ecologically incorrect behavior on animals and the living world around them.

Also, these children have a greater willingness to change their habits and contribute to a healthier lifestyle through their behavior.
In the countryside, children have the opportunity to witness the whole process of food production.
They get acquainted with the way of growing fruits and vegetables and the importance of a quality way of growing, which leads to a better understanding of the importance of a healthy diet and thus a better quality of life.


Mastering new skills

Increasingly, we have the opportunity to witness an increasing number of children who have difficulty coping with physical tasks that were part of everyday life for previous generations.
The time spent in front of the screen and indoors led to reduced physical dexterity of the children. This is often contributed by parents, who, out of an excessive desire to protect their child, contribute to consequences such as a crooked spine, poor posture, obesity, and physical unpreparedness.

    1. Does your child know how to climb a tree?

    2. Can your child climb a tree? Did he ever try?

Physical activity in nature is extremely useful for the mental and physical development of your child!
Skills such as climbing a tree, jumping over streams or rocks, jumping and running are invaluable for children’s health. A safe environment, soft and clean grass, endless meadows are the ideal place for each child to discover their new potentials and skills.

These activities increase flexibility, problem-solving skills and encourage creative thinking and adaptability in children.


Developing emotional intelligence and strengthening interpersonal relationships

In the era of modernization and technology in which children grow up, being offline is a real rarity.
Enthralled by the colors of untouched nature and the tastes of local cuisine, children will forget about their phones, and every activity will occupy their attention in a way that is completely new to them.

  • They will discover the importance of teamwork while participating in local affairs.
  • You will share new adventures and overcome new challenges.
  • They will laugh together with small clumsiness, interesting situations.
  • You will learn to trust each other again and meet your family members in a new light, as people who discover their new capacities and conquer some new boundaries.

Our guests at Ecovillages Serbia always arrive with their laptops and phones in their hands. After all, we are honored by the great number of those who do not remember to turn on the Internet during their stay.


Our guests at Ecovillages Serbia always arrive with their laptops and phones in their hands. After all, we are honored by the great number of those who do not remember to turn on the Internet during their stay.

The right place for children to feel like adults

Ecovillages Serbia programs are adapted to children of all ages. The activities we offer you develop a sense of responsibility and independence. Children learn how to take care of themselves, how to be considerate of people and the environment, and take care of each other.

Everyday activities raise awareness of the importance of living in the community and the responsibilities that will accompany them throughout life.

A healthy environment where children see direct positive results of their work leads to a greater sense of the importance of each individual in the family. Learning about our mutual weaknesses and overcoming them together, as well as overcoming new challenges together leads to better mutual understanding in which everyone matures as an individual encouraged by the qualities of his family members.

And the most important –

Healthier and happier childhood!

It has long been known how important it is to stay in the fresh air and organic food for the benefit of the whole organism.

Ecovillages households are located in the area of the purest nature, free of pollution and smog. Tucked away in the most beautiful landscapes of Serbian mountains, they offer 100% organic products, clean air, mountain rivers and springs, endless forests, and meadows.

Staying in such an unpolluted nature helps reduce the risk of heart disease, hypertension, high blood sugar, asthma, allergies, depression, attention disorders, and many other diseases that modern man suffers from.


Give your child a healthier holiday that the whole family will enjoy!


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