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How a holiday in Eco Village has a positive effect on your health?

How a holiday in Eco Village has a positive effect on your health? Health

How a holiday in Eco Village has a positive effect on your health?

Holidays in Eco Villages households are not only an opportunity to escape hard everyday life and stress but also a reliable way to strengthen your immunity and the general condition of the organism.

The greatest importance of rest for our body lies in the fact that the time we spend in nature, alone or with our family members is one of the most effective ways to improve our health.

Working in your body health is very important, and a vacation on the mountain can give you exactly what your body lacks.

Whether you want time for relaxation or an active vacation, Ecovillages Serbia households are the right choice for you because untouched nature, clean air, and organic food will work wonders for your health.

Strong immunity is the first prerequisite for a healthy organism, so rest is not just an excuse to lie in the sun, but a necessity and a way to change all your unhealthy habits.


Physical activity

Physical activity is an unavoidable condition for the well functioning of the body. Exercising allows the body to fight infections and toxins faster, reduces stress levels, and releases endorphins that make us happier.

Although many people successfully exercise at home, engaging in physical activity in the fresh air and in nature is many times more effective and brings better results.

For those who are not sports types, our programs include activities that people have not had the opportunity to engage in, and which are part of the everyday life of people in the countryside such as picking herbs, making winter crops, growing organic food, etc.

Nature as in a fairy tale, endless landscapes as in the most beautiful paintings will be an incentive for even the laziest to walk and enjoy every moment.



Better sleep

Our immunity largely depends on the quality of sleep we have. Poor sleep leads to reduced secretion of proteins that fight infections and viruses. The cause of poor sleep quality is usually everyday stress, so the easiest way to successfully solve this problem is to go on vacation and get rid of sources of stress that badly affect our sleep.

A vacation filled up with complete silence where you listen only to the chirping of birds. The smell of homemade pie and the freshness of the mountain air that fills your lungs will contribute to the quality of your sleep instantly, as well as the mental and physical state of the organism.

Many studies show that just three days of rest is enough to improve your quality of sleep and mood compared to the period before rest. Such positive effects remain until five weeks after the vacation and are especially strong and lasting in those who spent the holiday with their loved ones and enjoyed joint activities.


Reduced stress levels

Everyday stress and the same things we do day after day after a while become extremely exhausting both for our body and psyche. Even when our life is not necessarily stressful (which, unfortunately, few of us can be proud of), repeating the same activities leads to oversaturation, and the body becomes less and less efficient in performing its duties.

Reducing stress levels is one of the tips that never loses its value when it comes to health. Many doctors will recommend a vacation in nature as the best therapy to return the body to better overall condition.

Escape from the stress, hurry and chaos will give your body the necessary rest, and outdoor activities such as walks in meadows, forests by rivers, or rest in the fresh air and diet will speed up your recovery.


This type of therapy refreshes your physical, mental, and emotional state of the body and gives us reserves of strength to better cope with stress after returning to everyday life.


Studies also show that people who spend their holidays in nature have a lower risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, a better outlook on life, and a greater motivation to achieve results.

It is inevitable to emphasize the positive impact of staying in nature for those prone to depression and anxiety, as well as the fact that this type of rest calms, renews, and leads to an increase in positive feelings that allow your body to heal and more motivation to achieve goals.


Healthy diet

Healthy organic food is an indispensable part of staying in Ecovillages Serbia households. Homemade recipes, hand-made specialties, and organically grown foods will enable your family a fast detox.

For those who like this way of eating, some of the households also offer specialties that our guests will be able to take with them back home. Whether you choose the services of our chefs who will take care of you to be happy, healthy, and smiling, or decide to prepare food according to your taste, all foods and ingredients will be of purely organic origin from our gardens.

You can pick fruit directly from the branch you can enjoy the fruits of our Orhan gardens or eat freshly caught fish, and enjoy the symphony of flavors available at your fingertips.


Boosting your immune system

Instead of paying for expensive supplements that act aggressively and artificially on your immune system, staying on the mountain, healthy, fresh, and fresh air encourages the strengthening of immunity in a completely natural way and thus leads to longer and better results.


Homemade eggs, fresh fish, and staying in the sun on the mountain stimulate the secretion of vitamin D, one of the most valuable sources that our body has in the fight against viruses, and dense, green treetops at the same time protect from the negative effects of the sun’s rays and allow you to stay safe outdoors for you and your children.


Organic vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, and other home-grown foods provide better absorption of vitamin C and thus protect our body better than when we ingest these vitamins artificially.

Recent research from the University of Utah shows that happy memories of a family vacation increase endorphin secretion, which reduces the risk of heart disease, arthritis, and allergies that plague many people today.


A feeling of happiness and fulfillment

Research shows that people who plan a vacation show a higher level of happiness up to 8 weeks before the trip. Planning a trip and thinking about an upcoming vacation can increase the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. These kinds of emotions can have a positive effect on your work habits. Going on vacation takes us away from the sources of everyday stress and renews our capacity to perform daily activities.


Also, people who go on vacation more often have better results at work under the positive influence of the good mood they bring from vacation.


The conclusion is clear – going on vacation, especially vacation on the mountains in a healthy environment has multiple positive effects on the body because the better you spend your free time, the better your life will be!

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