• Travel health insurance
  • The price of domestic products offered in the household, which guests can take away for personal use
  • Visa

The activities depend on the budget program and you.

The rooms are double rooms with one double bed or two single beds.

Yes! Feel free to use our laundry room. You can use the laundry room for free.

If the householder you are staying in offers bicycles – you can provide bicycles.

Each room has its own bathroom.

An hour and a half with a break, visit to the waterfall on Grza.

All accommodations are within a 120 km radius.

You travel from the airport to the household by minibus or van.

In case of cancellation there will be a 50% refund.

Reservations are possible for a maximum of 10 people per household.

For every third booking, our guests pay 50% of the total price. The discount is valid for 3 years.

The reservation period is one month before the start of the arrangement.

Yes, each house has free parking spaces

At your disposal is a fully equipped kitchen with all necessary facilities. You also have the option of us preparing meals for you.

Additional activities are optional and must be announced the day before.

Yes. A large selection of organic fruit and vegetables is available for vegans, as well as assistance with the preparation of vegan dishes

Not every household. In the description, you can see which households have Internet access.

Yes, pets are allowed except in the pool and in the bed. It does not involve any extra costs

About 100 residents from 50 to 70 years.

You have no additional costs, everything is included in the price