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Villa Lana

Villa Lana

The villa has a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, air-condition, Total TV, mini bar, and terrace.

The villa is furnished with antique furniture from the 19th century, artistic paintings by famous painters.

The complex has a billiard room.



Climbing the lookout point of Lazarus Canyon

Lazarus Canyon has been declared a natural monument and is under state protection. It is the deepest and longest canyon in eastern Serbia with a length of 4.5 km, a depth of 300 m to 500 m.


Visit the Zlot Cave

Zlotska cave, or as it is also called Lazarus cave, is located 3 km from the village Zlot. The cave is located at the entrance to the canyon on the left bank of the Lazarus River.

Lazar’s Cave is the longest cave discovered in Serbia. It has explored tunnels 11.6 km long so far, and it is assumed that the underground space is many times larger. Unfortunately, so far only 900m of trails have been arranged for tourists, and children under 4 are not recommended to enter.


Climb to Malinik

On the southern foothills of Lazarus Canyon is Mount Malinik. The highest peak, Great Malinik is located at an altitude of 1158m above sea level.

There are several easy and medium-difficult hiking trails in Malinik. All of them are very well marked and marked, and together with Lazar’s Cave and Vidikovac Kovej, they make a perfect plan for a one-day walking tour that you can enjoy while visiting this part of Serbia.


Visit Bogovin Cave

Bogovin cave, next to Lazar’s cave, is one of the largest caves in this part of Serbia, and it has long been considered the longest cave in the country. The total length of the explored tunnels is a little more than 5 km, and the length of the arranged corridors for tourists is about 500 m.


Visit Soko banja spa

Soko banja spa is one of the most famous spas in Serbia. It is known for its springs of thermo-mineral water and well-organized facilities for spa and recreational tourism.

Medicinal water sources in Sokobanja have very pronounced radioactivity and there are a total of six main sources of this type. Their temperatures range from 28 to 45 ° C.


Visit village Vrmdza

Vrmdza is a beautifully decorated village with old houses, known for eco-tourism and a rich cultural program that is organized in the village. It is 15 km away from Soko Banja.


A tour of the Felix Romuliana Palace

The monumental imperial palace of Felix Romuliana, one of the most important archeological sites in Serbia, was created as the palace of the Roman emperor Gaius Valerius Maximilian’s Gallery when he wanted to retire after his rule to the regions from which he comes.



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