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Searching for a place to escape from the city and indoors?

Serbian villages are full of hidden beauties that are still not flooded with tourists, and during the pandemic, they are the safest place to enjoy your vacation and breathe with full lungs.

The countryside idyll cures stress, and we offer you everything you need – soothing nature, domestic animals, healthy food, and kind hosts!

About Us

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Organic Food
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Fresh Air

Each house has a large garden, kitchen, private bathroom. Depending on your choice of household, you will be able to enjoy the garden where organic products are grown, farm animals, an outdoor pool …


The price also includes one day stay in one of the most famous Serbian spas nearby and Spa treatment.

Our Idea

We want that our guests have the opportunity to choose whether they want to be observers or active participants in everything that surrounds them in the countryside. We believe that authentic experiences create the most beautiful memories that people remember the longest. We allow you to experience the village in the way that suits you best.

Holidays in the countryside also offer the possibility of active holidays through a large selection of activities which you can try. During the different seasons and the month of the year, if you want, you can be a part of some of the traditional tasks, typical for rural life, together with the hosts.

As part of your vacation, you can prepare homemade jam and winter preserves from organic ingredients and take them back with you. You will have the opportunity to participate in the organic production of cheese, vegetables, or honey extraction from the honeycomb.

Don’t miss learning the process of baking traditional Serbian brandy, Rakija, from home-grown fruit and give your friends a bottle of the most famous Serbian alcoholic beverage that you have personally prepared.

Enjoy long walks and collecting medicinal herbs on endless mountain trails and untouched nature. The mountains in Serbia are known for a large selection of medicinal herbs that locals have successfully used to treat many diseases from which modern man suffers for centuries.

Strengthen your immunity with balms, teas, and indigenous species that grow only in these areas.

Our guests will be able to choose from many organized walking and cycling tours, during which they will be able to enjoy the landscapes of the surrounding picturesque villages, mountain rivers, and colorful forests and meadows.

For an extraordinary experience for the family vacation with small children, we recommend some of our’s households with domestic animals. 


Paradise For All

Your child will have the opportunity to play with lambs, chase chickens, ride horses, touch and feel what it is like to live surrounded by animals that today’s children see only in pictures and movies. Maybe will see how the cow calves, and the calf, after only a few moments from birth, gets up and approaches the mother, or how the young foal gets back on its feet. They will see how little chickens hatch from eggs and how life is born with the sounds of cracking eggshells.

Children will forget about mobile phones. They will run around the fields and meadows or pick fruit from the tree and eat and drink water from mountain springs.

Our offer includes everything a modern man needs for complete recovery of soul and body, whether you need active rest or total relaxation.

Feel the spirit of the Serbian village, get to know the tradition, folklore, and hospitality of our peasants for whom they are widely known. Go fishing with experienced guides and have an unforgettable experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

Winter Magic

An unforgettable experience is to feel the real winter high on the mountain, surrounded by the whiteness of snow-covered forests, pastures, watching the snow blowing through the window. You are sitting by the fireplace while the scent of heated brandy fills the room around you.

During the winter months, our households are an ideal place to do winter sports and play in the snow. Children will enjoy snowballing, sledding, rolling in deep and clean snow, and adults will enjoy the freshness of the mountain winter idyll in walks and snowy landscapes.

* In some households, it is possible to organize a horse-pulling sleigh ride on the snow.

Cultural Activities

Get to know the tradition and cultural heritage of this region through visits to monasteries and monuments, participate in folklore customs or learn some of the dances characteristic of this region. Visit some of the local events such as fairs, celebrations, village celebrations, and many others.

Feel the spirit of many legends and stories that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries and come to life in these mystical landscapes.

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