7 reasons why Eco Villages are the best choice (for a getaway) in 2022 – Eco Villages

7 reasons why Eco Villages are the best choice (for a getaway) in 2022

7 reasons why Eco Villages are the best choice (for a getaway) in 2022 Villages

7 reasons why Eco Villages are the best choice (for a getaway) in 2022

While most tourists continue to rush to spend their vacations on the crowded beaches of famous tourist destinations, mountain villages and eco-tourism are attracting more and more attention and experiencing probably the greatest expansion since the beginning of the 21st century. 

Many nature lovers, young people eager for new destinations, backpackers, and families with children decide to spend their holidays in a different way.

The most beautiful destinations for this type of vacation, unknown to many, are offered by the Eco Villages of Serbia.

There are more and more reasons for the popularity of Ecovillages and this type of tourism in the time we live in, and we give you the 7 most important reasons why our Ecovillages are the best place to rest.


1. Disconnect 

Surrounded by electronic devices on which our productivity depends at work, at home, we are surrounded every day, people do not notice how easily we become addicted and obsessed with always being connected and online.

Only people who allow themselves to get away from the phone and laptop for a few days can realize how important it is. To be offline once in a while is the only to relax for rest and psyche, even when we think we are not in a position to afford that luxury.

When we are overwhelmed by dozens of devices that make us always be in touch, it is difficult not to become addicted to technology, and then escaping to nature is the best rest for mind and body and the only way to allow us to make up for lost strength.

For generations that have grown up surrounded by smartphones and the Internet, the eco-villages of Serbia are the right place where they will want not to look at their phones, but everywhere around them.

Forget about the phone and the laptop and enjoy the moment you are in, with the people you love. Phones will always be there, but the time for people is less every second.


2. Clean air and healthy food 

At the top of the list of necessary conditions for a long and healthy life are clean air and healthy food. People living in the city are constantly exposed to pollution, exhaust fumes, and dust. The food that today’s children eat comes from mass production factories, and healthy food is something that many, unfortunately, cannot afford.

Air and food pollution is a big problem and brings great health risks for everyone living in big cities, and is especially dangerous for vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, and people with chronic diseases such as hypertension or asthma.

Ecovillages in Serbia are places where clean air and healthy food are something that goes without saying. The way of life that the locals have saved from the destructive effects of modern society, and are now easily accessible to you!

Breathe in the cool, mountainous air, full of the scent of cut grass, flowers, and herbs! Eat healthy, homemade, and hand-prepared products from the organic gardens of our Eco Villages.


3. A sense of peace, harmony, and satisfaction

It is no coincidence that people go to the mountains when they want to find their inner peace. Mountain villages in Serbia are places where people go when they want to return to themselves when they need to rest from all the harmful effects of the accelerated lifestyle.

Surrounded by untouched nature, the chirping of birds, the scent of wildflowers, you will quickly forget about all the worries and problems and return to rest ready for new victories. It is called a big city – great worries, and Ecovillages are your place to escape to nature, freshness and a different time.


4. Untouched nature

Ecovillages will give you the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking colors and landscapes wherever you turn. Surrounded by endless greenery, endless meadows of flowers, and tall forests, you will have the opportunity to walk with your family or alone with your thoughts.

The proximity of mountain rivers allows activities such as fishing or simply walking through these amazing landscapes.

High and dense forests are real reservoirs of clean air, the freshness will unstoppably fill every part of your body, and we promise that at the end of your stay you will regret the landscapes you leave.

Waterfalls and rivers, gorges and valleys, as well as unforgettable caves, will leave images that you will always return to.


5. Create memories for the whole family

As we have already said, this type of vacation is something that today’s generations have not had the opportunity to experience. Going to an Ecovillage is an ideal opportunity to strengthen relationships and ties within the family.

Restoring relationships with children or a partner will be much easier once you disconnect from the network while you are surrounded by nature, healthy food, and positive people.

For children, staying in an Ecovillage is an adventure. They have the opportunity to see domestic animals, to pet them, and to be in constant interaction with nature. For adults, the choice between an active or relaxing vacation is what brings them back to the right path of a quality vacation with their loved ones.

Staying in the village and the activities available there is an ideal way to laugh together with your family, overcome obstacles, face some new challenges and create memories that all family members will remember for a lifetime.


6. People and local culture

No one remains immune to the warm hosts of our eco-villages. Life on the mountain, in nature, hasn’t always been easy for these people, but they have managed to stay full of positive energy, life wisdom, charm, and a good sense of humor. 

The hosts are always available for their guests to help them experience their way of life in the best way.


7. It is not only a journey but an experience 

These landscapes abound in cultural customs specific for their magic, mysticism, and energy that unstoppably captivates everyone who feels it. There are also many monasteries that are inevitably worth visiting and represent the cultural heritage of the whole of Serbia.

Village fairs, celebrations, weddings, and celebrations are something that is a real treat for tourists, and we guarantee that they will leave these events smiling, happy možda, and maybe a little drunk! While each of the landscapes you’ll visit is an ideal backdrop for an Instagram image, and each of the activities great material for Story, this won’t be just another image or video.

Your vacation will not be recorded only in pictures and recordings, but deep inside you. You will return as a slightly different better person. A person who will be reminded of what it means to breathe with full lungs and enjoy everyday life and everything we call life.

No image will be able to convey the beauty you saw, no video will be able to transmit the energy you felt.  It will be kept as yours and our secret that will always be waiting for you, once you decide to return.


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