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Take a break from everyday stress and spend a holiday in the countryside!



Searching for a place to escape from the city and indoors?

Serbian villages are full of hidden beauties that are still not flooded with tourists, and during the pandemic, they are the safest place to enjoy your vacation and breathe with full lungs.

The countryside idyll cures stress, and we offer you everything you need – soothing nature, domestic animals, healthy food, and kind hosts!

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Start your journey with us to a better and simpler everyday life!

Let the crowing of roosters at dawn wake you up instead of the alarm on your mobile phone. Feel the charm of washing with spring water and natural herbs and enjoy homemade food and clean air without looking at the clock!

Drink your hot coffee early in the morning in silence in the grass, enjoy its scent, listen to the rustling of leaves, and clear your mind of city noise and pollution!

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Don't miss traditional Serbian Homemade Fruit Sweet

Try breakfast in nature, try some homemade pie, try homemade cheese and milk, the freshest homemade eggs, and homemade fruit juices.

Spend an evening on the grass or hay, get lost in the vast starry sky, and forget about everything! Enjoy a glass of homemade wine by the fireplace with the sound of a crackling fire.


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Each of our households offers a unique experience of the Serbian village. Guests will accommodate traditional country houses equipped with all amenities to make your vacation as pleasant as possible.

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